How to Apply

Transfer to IUSO

Admission Requirements for Students Desiring to TRANSFER to the Indiana University School of Optometry from Another U.S. School/College of Optometry

Must have a compelling reason for desiring a transfer to Indiana University’s School of Optometry.

Must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no individual course grade below C.

Must NOT have been dismissed from previous/current school due to academic dishonesty; supported by a letter from the dean/president of the school attended.

Must apply as any other candidate via Applications are typically accepted July 1 with our deadline being January 15.

Must NOT have any deficiencies in our prerequisites.

For those seeking waiver of courses taken at another program of Optometry, our faculty will review a syllabus that must be provided for each course where a waiver is sought.   Credit may be given outright or testing may be required you and if grades are acceptable the course may be waived or the applicant may be required to take the course. 

Depending on the number of years completed and if there are waivers, the minimum number of years that you would need to take are 2-3 years of our program.  This is primarily due to the clinical portion of the educational experience.