Financial Aid & Fellowships


Optometry-related awards

Most awards and cash prizes are one-time funding. Some are offered by national and state organizations, and some are offered by the ophthalmic industry. Some require academic excellence, some require proficiency in a particular area such as contact lenses, and some require a paper on a specific topic.

Please visit our Awards page for a complete listing of awards, honors, and scholarships. Copies are available by request to the Office of Student Administration at You are also encouraged to use the free national scholarship search for other outside scholarships available online. You will receive all pertinent information on scholarships for which you may qualify.

Dean’s Academic Merit Scholar Program

These scholarships are offered to approximately the top 10 percent of an incoming class, and provide tuition reduction ($10,000 scholarship for nonresident students; $5,000 scholarship for resident students). Applicants with an undergrad GPA 3.8 or above and a 330 Total Science OAT Score are eligible for consideration and are automatically considered after admission; decisions are announced and awards offered by late January. Students do NOT have to have paid a deposit to be considered. Scholarships are renewable for all four years, dependent on maintaining a 3.6 or better GPA.

Health Professions Scholarship Program

These military scholarships provide full tuition and reimbursement for required books, equipment, and school fees in addition to a monthly living stipend. Four-, three-, and two-year scholarships are available.

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