Tuition & Fees

Estimated costs for the 2017–2018 academic year

For current tuition and fee information, please visit the Indiana University Office of the Bursar fee schedule. You can also view and print the estimated cost sheet for the current academic year.

For a list of all the applicable fees for all credit hour levels and/or programs, please visit the Indiana University Office of the Bursar and select the category drop-down box for each type of fee.

Student budget/cost of attendance (O.D. program)

IU creates a comprehensive cost of attendance budget for the nine-month academic year, which determines the maximum amount of financial aid a student is allowed to request. This budget includes the direct costs of tuition and fees, as well as the indirect costs of books, equipment, and living expenses.

In addition to direct tuition costs, your financial aid budget includes a living allowance for the 32-week academic year. This living allowance is determined by the amount of money that you may need for rent, utilities, food, entertainment, clothing, and transportation costs. For first year students, we allow up to $617 per week for indirect costs. That would mean that you could request up to a maximum of $19,744 ($617 x 32 weeks) for living expenses for the academic year. However, since the school uses a budget that allows the maximum living allowance possible, you may find the allowable budget is higher than what is necessary to meet your actual needs and your personal budget may be substantially less. Do not borrow any more money than necessary to meet your needs. You are also permitted to request portions of your available financial aid throughout the year if you find you need it.

It is possible to appeal to increase your budget for specific nondiscretionary expenses such as a computer, uninsured medical or dependent-care costs. If you have unusual expenses and want to discuss a budget appeal, please contact Josie Gingrich, associate director of financial aid and records, at or (812) 855-1917.