Alumni & Friends Spotlights

Doug Morrow

B.S.'75, O.D.'77

Dr. Doug Morrow (B.S.’75, O.D.’77) is an IU School of Optometry alumnus, donor, and member of the Dean’s Development Council. In addition to a career-long dedication to his alma mater, Dr. Morrow has also served the community through various boards and volunteer committees including the Chamber of Commerce, United Way, the Indiana Optometric Association (IOA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA). Currently, he is the AOA advisor to the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel. Dr. Morrow was named IOA O.D. of the Year in 1994 and received the Distinguished Service Award in 1990 and Meritorious Service Award in 2003.


Where did you grow up?

“Plymouth, Indiana.”

Where did you get your BA? What was your major?

“IU, BS Optometry.  I started Optometry my senior year at IU.”

What got you interested in optometry as a career?

“My mentor was Dr. Robert Vore in Plymouth; our family O.D. and friend.”

Who was your favorite instructor during your time at IUSO? Why?

“I would have to say Jim Rakes.  He taught ocular pharmacology at a time when Optometry in Indiana was moving more and more to pharm treatment. He was young, knowledgeable and encouraged the third-year students to pursue treatment.”

What is your favorite IUSO memory?

“I made a trip to the annual meeting in Boston my fourth year.  It was a good meeting, a good experience and a great city to attend a meeting.  I would also have to say my external clinic experience at Fort Campbell Army base in Kentucky was great.  We were the first class required to do an off-campus rotation and I was lucky to get the Fort Campbell assignment.”

What was your first job in optometry?

“My first job was in a large multi-doctor practice in Jeffersonville, IN.  I spent two years in the practice and then purchased my current practice in Auburn, IN.”

What have been your career milestones?

“Building a private practice, and providing the most up-to-date technology to my patients.”

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career?

“Providing care to patients.  Helping them solve their ophthalmic problems.  Providing 24-7 care to patients in the community and participating as a member of our community hospital medical staff.”

What are some of the major organized professional activities in which you have participated?

“I moved through the chairs of IOA serving as trustee, vice-president, president-elect and president 1991-1992.  I served as Third Party Department Chair, Legislative Department Chair and Chair of our IOA committee that pursued the changes in the OLDPAC rules to expand the pharmaceuticals we can prescribe.

 I have been in the AOA volunteer structure since 1992.  I served on the Eye Care Benefits Executive Committee and am currently on the same committee, renamed The Third Party Center Executive Committee.  I was appointed as the AOA advisor to the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel, serving 1996-1999 and again 2003 to present.  The CPT Editorial Panel controls and creates all the CPT Codes.

Do you have volunteer or community interests? If so, please share those.

I have been very active in my community. I served on the Park Board as a member for 8 years and President for 7 years. I have served as member and President on the United Way, Chamber of Commerce, and Little League Baseball boards. I have also coached Little League and Youth League Baseball.

Have you received awards or honors for your career accomplishments?  If so, please share those.

“IOA O.D. of the Year, Meritorious Service Award, Distinguished Service Award.”

What do you wish someone would have told you when you graduated from IUSO?

 “I did not find out until a year after graduation how much advantage it is to buy or join an existing practice.” 

 What advice would you offer to new Optometry grads?

 “Look for opportunities to join or buy a practice.  There are national organizations that support private practices that can help with this.

 I would also tell the grads that it is critically important for each grad to support the state association in the state they practice.  The most important area that needs both help as a volunteer and financial support is the legislative committee.  We are a legislated profession and we need to keep an active presence in the legislature.  That cannot be done by a committee alone.  The state associations are always looking for volunteers to help.”

 Are you a volunteer for or donor to IUSO? If so, why do you believe it is important to stay connected? What motivates you to give of your time, talent, and/or treasure?

 “I have been a donor to IUSO for nearly my entire career.  Optometry has given me a great profession and career, and I always felt that I needed to give back.  I have donated to the clinic remodel and building campaigns, to scholarship campaigns and to the general fund. I also serve on the Dean’s Development Council.

 It is important to stay connected through visits, volunteer opportunities, and as a donor.  Staying connected can also mean being able to influence industry to be a donor to IUSO.”