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For most types of glaucoma, medical management is the first line of therapy, with surgery being reserved for more difficult cases. Learn more about the care and treatment of glaucoma »

Glaucoma medications

Learn about some of the most commonly used glaucoma medications. Many new drugs seeking FDA approval for the treatment of glaucoma should be available over the next few years. Select a medication to learn more about it—including how it works, side effects, and contraindications.

Glaucoma surgical procedures

Some types of glaucoma (e.g., angle closure glaucoma) may indicate surgery as a first-line therapy. Other types (e.g., primary open angle glaucoma) might initially be treated with medication to control damage and then later with surgery.

A glaucoma surgeon must evaluate the patient and decide which type of surgery is best. Surgeries for glaucoma may be performed using laser or conventional surgical instruments.