Borish Center for Ophthalmic Research

Borish Scholars Program

Mission of the Borish Scholars Program

The Borish Scholars Program was created in 2015 in an effort to continue to advance clinical care and vision science through the transmission of cutting-edge clinical science, and foster collaboration of IU faculty with clinicians and scientists from around the globe.  The Scholar program was named in honor of the legendary clinician-scientist, Dr. Irv Borish, one of the founding members of the Indiana University School of Optometry (IUSO).  Nominations for Scholars are solicited from the each of the IUSO faculty each year and selected by the Borish Scholars Selection Committee.  Scholars are selected based on their history of providing major research and scholarly contributions related to vision, patient care, clinical research, and of interest to Indiana University’s mission and education.  Up to 6 Scholars are selected per year.  

Scholars are invited to provide a lecture at Indiana University, (typically occurring) during the regularly scheduled Vision Science (‘Oxyopia’) seminar on Fridays over the noon hour.  Individual and group interaction with faculty and students is also an emphasis during the visit.  Travel expenses and honorarium are provided by the IUSO.

Borish Scholars are listed below.  More information on their visit and speaking topic can be found at Oxyopia Vision Seminar page.


Robert Marc, PhD
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Utah
Deborah Ferrington, PhD
University of Minnesota
David Huang, MD, PhD
Oregon Health and Science University, Casey Eye Institute


Christine A. Curcio, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Artur Cideciyan, PhD
Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Paul Gamlin, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Martin S. Banks, PhD
Optometry and Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley
Nancy McNamara, OD, PhD
Optometry and Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley; University of California San Francisco


Eli Peli, MSc, OD
Harvard Medical School, Schepens Eye Research Institute
Bruce Cumming, MD, PhD
National Eye Institute
Timoth Kern, PhD
Case Western Reserve University
Gordon Legge, PhD
University of Minnesota
Susana Marcos, PhD
Instituto de Optica, CSIC