Support for Vision Science Research

Vision scientists study the eye and how we see. Their work includes the study of biochemistry, biophysics, epidemiology, cell biology, imaging, molecular biology, neuroscience, optics, ophthalmology, optometry, pathology, physiology, psychology, psychophysics, statistics, and any other discipline that relates to vision and its problems. The Indiana University School of Optometry offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in vision science that provide breadth through a variety of courses and depth through original research leading to a thesis or a dissertation.

The School of Optometry has an internationally renowned research and graduate program with numerous collaborations with other disciplines within the university. Go to the faculty listing to view research that is being conducted in our laboratories.

Vision science core grant

The long-term objective of the vision science core grant is to support current and future vision research endeavors at Indiana University Bloomington. This infrastructure grant provides support for three shared resource modules: electronics, machine shop, and scientific computing. The modules will expand the seamless integration of mechanical, electronics, and software components in custom research equipment and new clinical technology, plus provide new coordination of activity across numerous interrelated laboratories and a sustained interaction with sophisticated supercomputing and 3D visualization resources on campus.

The applications to our vision research projects are broad, including microscopic and ocular fluorometry, cell physiology and molecular biology, advanced measurement, and modeling of the optics of the eye. They also include novel imaging of the structures of the normal and pathological living human eye, studies of the normal and abnormal developing human visual system, and the development of new quantitative strategies to assess visual function in a clinical setting. The local research environment has expanded to include seven new, active laboratories during the past eight years, and at least three more are anticipated in the next three years.

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Professional involvement

Our researchers are influential members of the professional associations and groups within the vision science field. There are former association presidents and award winners within our staff. These associations provide guidance as well increasing the knowledge of all the people within the visual science community. Use the links below to visit these associations.

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