Dr. Larry Thibos to give the inaugural Research Excellence Lecture for College of Optometrists

Friday, January 10, 2014

The British College of Optometrists is delighted to announce that its inaugural Research Excellence Lecture will be given by Professor Larry Thibos on February 3, 2014, in London.  Dr. Thibos will present “From Optics to Vision: The Ultimate Challenge.”  The optical quality of the human eye is not perfect, even when corrected to 20/20.  Dr. Thibos will discuss why and how the quality of human visual experience depends on the optical quality of the retinal image. Examples of the cause of optical degradation include accommodation errors, presbyopia, higher-order aberrations, tear film breakup and dry eye. He will describe modern technology for measuring the optical imperfections of eyes, demonstrating the interesting and sometimes complicated ways that the eye’s optics blur images and distort perception.  Using computational tools derived from optical theory, Dr. Thibos aims to provide the clinician and patient with fresh insight into the nature of the flawed retinal image.  Read the article from British College of Optometrists.