Dr.Sutton to conduct Vitreomacular Adhesion (VMA) Research

Friday, May 30, 2014

The IU School of Optometry’s Indianapolis Eye Care Center is one of multiple clinical sites participating in new clinical research regarding Vitreomacular Adhesion (VMA). The research utilizes SD-OCT scans to investigate the prevalence of VMA in patients 40 years old and older. VMA is the result of tight adherence of the posterior vitreous face to the macular region of the retina. It can play a significant role in the formation of macular holes, and can lead to decreased vision and metamorphopsia even in the absence of hole formation.  The advent of SD-OCT technology has fostered a deeper understanding of VMA and its sequelae, but the prevalence of VMA in asymptomatic individuals remains unknown. The study aims to recruit at least 1000 subjects across all sites, with 200 of those coming from IU. It is under the direction of investigators at NOVA Southeastern College of Optometry , and is supported by a grant from Thrombogenics. Dr. Brad Sutton is the PI for the IUSO site, and he is working closely with his collaborators at NOVA on the project.