IU Optometric Student Association Gives $25,000 Gift to School in Celebration of First-Ever “IU Day”

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today is a special occasion for IU fans across the state, nation, and even the world, as they come together to celebrate the first-ever “IU Day,” sponsored by the Indiana University Foundation.  For a full 24-hour period, IU students, faculty, alumni, parents, and fans are able to take part in the celebration by watching live IU-themed content, participating in IU games and trivia, attending events, proudly sporting their best IU attire, and of course, make gifts in support of their favorite IU schools and programs.  For more information and to follow along throughout the course of the day, visit iuday.iu.edu.

At the IU School of Optometry, the celebration is particularly special today because the School’s largest student organization, the IU Optometric Student Association (IUOSA), has announced a $25,000 gift to endow a fund that will support student scholarships, travel grants, and school enhancement projects.  The organization’s outgoing president, Nathan Morrow, explains, “We wanted to do something that will really benefit students here at the School for years to come.  We chose to set up an endowment through the IU Foundation because it’s a great way to leave a lasting legacy.  We look forward to watching the account grow year after year and continue to support the School and its students.” 

“This level of support coming from students is so special because it’s rare,” explains Paula Jenkins, the IU Foundation’s Vice President of Development for the Bloomington campus.  “The IUOSA has set an incredible example for other students and student groups who are interested in really making a difference here at IU.”

The students involved in IUOSA are challenging IU Optometry alumni to do their part, as well, and are encouraging them to consider making a gift on IU Day to support the School and its students.  Donors who choose to make a gift on IU Day will have an opportunity to participate in giving challenges and other activities by making their gift via iuday.iu.edu and clicking on “give” at the top of the page.

“At the IU School of Optometry, we are very proud of our students,” explains Dr. Joe Bonanno, Dean of the School.  “This thoughtful and generous support from IUOSA is a shining example of why this is the case.  A gift given for students by students is a special thing, and we are most grateful to the IUOSA for their tremendous leadership and support.”

The first-ever IU Day will run from midnight to midnight on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.