IUSO Hosts Inaugural Meeting of Practice Excellence Advisory Council

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bloomington, IN.  The Indiana University School of Optometry recently hosted its inaugural meeting for the Practice Excellence Advisory Council (PEAC) on the Bloomington campus.  A newly-formed council, the PEAC members will meet in person once per year, and will work with faculty throughout the year to advise on a variety of issues related to private practice and the profession of optometry. 

Beginning this summer, the IU School of Optometry now offers a Certificate and MBA in the Business Management for Eyecare Professionals, and is doing so in partnership with the Kelley School of Business – also located on the Bloomington campus.  Pursuit of the certificate is open to all (optometry students, practicing doctors, and those working in industry), and interested individuals can expect to gain valuable skills that will help them become better prepared for the business side of the optometric profession.  After completion of the certificate, students have the option of continuing on to also receive an MBA with Emphasis in the Business of Eye Care if desired.  Via a one-of-a-kind partnership at Indiana University between the School of Optometry and Kelley School of Business, the degree is earned online and is the first of its kind in the nation.

The program’s co-founders and co-directors are faculty at the Indiana University School of Optometry.  Dr. Neil Pence, Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Care Services, and Dr. Todd Peabody, Clinical Associate Professor, Chief of Third Year Primary Care Services, and Director of Continuing Education have been developing the certificate in partnership with the Kelley School of Business over the course of the past year, and as they now offer it to their first cohort of students, they determined it would be a good idea to convene an advisory group that could share their own experiences and bring new ideas to the table as this new program continues to evolve. 

“Ultimately, we want the IU School of Optometry to become known as a Center of Practice Management Excellence,” explains Dr. Todd Peabody.  “In order to develop in this way, it’s important that we consult with those around us who have been successful in practice management.” 

Dr. Neil Pence describes his vision for developing the Council:  “We wanted to seek advice from optometrists who’ve achieved a high level of success – not only as doctors, but also in the business of eyecare.  We’re very fortunate to have had such a distinguished group on campus for our inaugural meeting.”

Joining Drs. Pence and Peabody were:

  1. Dr. Scott Allison, Chief Optometric Officer at Ossip Optometry & Ophthalmology in Indianapolis, Indiana
  2. Commander Andy Archila, O.D., Associate Director, Resource Management at James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center for the United States Navy
  3. Dr. Jorge Benavente, Founder and  CEO of Benavente Eyecare in Munster, Indiana
  4. Dr. David Hormuth, Chair of Clerkship Education and Professor of Surgery at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana
  5. Dr. Richard Hults, President and Owner at Dr. Richard E. Hults & Associates, Inc. in Northeast Ohio
  6. Dr. Marjorie Knotts, Founder and Owner, Knotts Optometry in Indianapolis, Indiana

The inaugural meeting was a full day, with Council members first hearing presentations from students completing their first course toward gaining the certificate in the Business of Eyecare Management: V606:  Aspects of Practice Transitions.  Students presented in small groups about how they would approach the management of a practice with a specific profile.  Following those presentations, the group was invited to the Kelley School of Business for lunch and a tour, and concluded the day with a meeting at the Atwater Eye Care Center where they learned from Drs. Pence and Peabody about the development of the program and began a discussion about how the IU School of Optometry can best position itself to educated tomorrow’s leaders in Optometric Practice Management and become a Center for Practice Management Excellence.

More information about the IU School of Optometry’s Certificate and MBA with Emphasis in the Business of Eyecare programs can be found here.