Student Organizations

American Optometric Student Association

“Vision Care to the People, Service to the Students” is the motto of AOSA, the national optometric student organization whose policies and activities are determined by its membership through OSA chapters at every optometry school and college in the United States. Chapters shape national policies through the AOSA Board of Trustees. The officers of AOSA are elected by this board and include four national offices that comprise the Executive Council.

The objectives of the association are:

  • to serve as a vital source of information about the rapidly occurring changes in the field of optometry
  • to provide a variety of learning experiences for students in areas not covered in the usual academic environment
  • to allow students to make educated decisions concerning their future
  • to provide student representation to many allied organizations
  • to provide an informative, responsive communications program
  • to improve optometric education
  • to improve vision care to people
  • to offer all optometry students services and benefits that will enhance their academic years

Student membership is part of overall membership in AOSA and IUOSA. All optometry students are eligible for membership, including students of the Optician/Technician Program. The IU student representative of AOSA will be available the first week of fall classes to answer questions and process membership applications.

If you have questions about AOSA, please contact the AOSA Trustee listed under IU Optometric Student Association (IUOSA).