Student Organizations

Optometric Student Association

The IUOSA is the representative body for all optometry students at Indiana University. Its representatives work closely with the Indiana University School of Optometry faculty and staff as well as with liaisons from the American Optometric Association (AOA), American Optometric Student Association (AOSA), and the Indiana Optometric Association (IOA). In addition to representing student issues to the dean and faculty, IUOSA organizes student activities and events throughout the year.

IUOSA representatives include the elected president, president-elect, vice president, vice president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and two student representatives from each optometry class. The AOSA trustee and the trustee-elect are involved in IUOSA decision making. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the School of Optometry. By paying one set of dues to IUOSA, you become a member of IUOSA and the AOA, AOSA, and IOA organizations.

Every student is welcome and encouraged to participate in IUOSA and its many projects. Weekly meetings in the student lounge on the third floor of the optometry building are open to all members. If you have questions about IUOSA, please contact the representatives below. (Voting for the first-year O.D. representatives takes place during the second week of school.)

Learn more about IUOSA's annual activities » Watch your email and the IU School of Optometry web calendar for events.

IUOSA's Officers

Kylie Cardwell Kylie Cardwell President
Nathan Morrow Nathan Morrow President Elect
Kelsey Nuernberger Kelsey Nuernberger Vice President
Kristin Gunn Kristin Gunn Vice President Elect
Ben Gootee Ben Gootee Treasurer
Anna Slemp Anna Slemp Secretary
Trish Hernacki Trish Hernacki Community Relations
Vaughn Schneider Vaughn Schneider AOA-PAC Liaison
Tristan Brown Tristan Brown AOA-PAC Liaison
Hannah Downey Hannah Downey Trustee
Lauren McKinch Lauren McKinch Trustee Elect
Olivia Mesoras & Katelyn Parmalee Olivia Mesoras & Katelyn Parmalee Equipment Reps &
Andrew Fischer & Angela Mouratides Andrew Fischer & Angela Mouratides 1st Year Class Reps &
Dana Reilly & Chelsea McGlothlin Dana Reilly & Chelsea McGlothlin 2nd Year Class Reps &
Romina Houston & MaKenzie McWhorter Romina Houston & MaKenzie McWhorter 3rd Year Class Reps &